Monday January 23, 2017
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Pastor ... Preach this Remarkable New Series from Revelation 13 that is Both Prophetic and Practical.

Is this the dawn of a great new day in North America?

Does Jesus have a message for the
churches of the United States, much
like He did in Revelation for the seven
churches of Asia?

"The Remarkable Revelation" is a
provocative and powerful eight-Sunday
preaching series called a 50-Day Spiritual Adventure. Congregation members get deeply involved through journals they keep that focus on various Bible passages related to the sermons. The majority of these are from the fascinating book of Revelation.

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Could America Fit Into Bible Prophecy?

In the course of history there are events
that forever change the direction of a
nation and its people. Such an
occurrence is taking place in America.

The result is a drastic decline in the guiding principles by which the majority of Americans live. For example, we have changed the way we raise our families, run our public schools, operate our government and establish our social order.

This has caused our moral standards to degenerate more in the last 50 years than in all our country?s previous years combined. In the history of mankind, there has never been a society whose moral values have deteriorated so drastically, in such a short period of time?and that trend shows no sign of stopping.

The remarkable thing about Bob Fraley's book, The Day That Changed America, is that America's moral decline was foretold in Bible prophecy. You will discover these truths as you read this integral part of the new 50-Day Spiritual Adventure.

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A Very Special "Action" Offer

Salt & Light, Fulfilling God?s Mission for American in These Last Days is a book that will help you spiritually for these last days. It reviews God?s special calling for America and every Christian?s mission; the biblical characteristics that are to govern our mission and how Satan has used deception in his warfare to destroy the mission.

The Day that Changed America is a book that reveals the historical events foretoldin Bible prophecy, that hastened America?s slide into moral decline and what each Christian in America must do.

A Time for Action, How to Spiritually Prepare for What?s Ahead...Share this 32 page booklet with your church, family and friends.

When you order this bundle of three books, we would be happy to send you as many copies of the booklet "A Time For Action? at no additional cost, to distribute to your friends and loved ones.

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Preaching Themes
Sunday 1 is a basic overview of apocalyptic writing.
Optional Sunday 1 Sermon
Sunday 2 explores Satan's deceptive ways regarding the United States.
Optional Sunday 2 Sermon
Sunday 3 predicts a future holocaust for God's people worldwide.
Optional Sunday 3 Sermon
Sunday 4 challenges Christians to intervene for our children and grandchildren.
Optional Sunday 4 Sermon
Sunday 5 unfolds revival as the only force powerful enough to stem the tide of evil.
Optional Sunday 5 Sermon
Sunday 6 focuses on personal revival as the key to spiritual victory.
Optional Sunday 6 Sermon
Sunday 7 expands the urgency since the window of opportunity will close soon.
Optional Sunday 7 Sermon
Sunday 8 contents that we will see worldwide revival, but at a tremendous cost.
Optional Sunday 8 Sermon